Bee Happenings

This year we added bees to our little backyard homestead, using the awesome services of the Best Bees Company, since I have no idea what I’m doing. Two exciting developments recently with our bees. We got to witness an awesome (in the awe-inspiring sense of the word) swarm, and our bees are so happy and prolific, Best Bees recently added a third box to give them more room. We also reportedly have loads of honey, although not yet ready to harvest. While I still hope to learn beekeeping, this is pretty much the best way to have bees as a total noob – I get all of the joy and pleasure of having bees with none of the actual work. It gives us yet another way to help support local pollinator populations, and we get honey. Win.  Continue reading

Today’s Strawberry Harvest

The gardening/homesteading blog conundrum: in the dead of winter I’ve got nothing but time to write about the garden, in the actual gardening season I’m too busy outdoors to post updates! Despite actually having a fire in our wood stove for a few days in early June, spring/summer has finally arrived and things are starting to grow. Nothing too exciting happening yet although my bucket potatoes seem to be thriving. The best part this year is that the strawberries just won’t quit.

This is my haul from today. Similar harvests yesterday and the day before that and the day before that and the day before that. Strawberries love hugelkultur. And maybe my new beehive has something to do with it too. I bought these plants 3 years ago for 4.99 for 10, expected nothing from them, and basically neglected them ever since. Apart from planting them in modified hugelkultur beds (rotting logs covered in soil) I have given them next to no love. And this is how they repay me:


I can’t keep up with all the strawberries this year…

strawberry patch

Raggedy and neglected, but so happy

I’m taking this as proof that all the rigid instructions for growing strawberries “properly” that I read thoroughly and then promptly ignored as not in line with my lazy tendencies, are not necessary. Lazy gardening FTW.