Searching for Buried Treasure

Living in a nearly 300 year old house, my husband and I are always hoping to find some hidden treasure in our house. It doesn’t have to be treasure in the “someone hid a box of gold in our floorboards” sense, but something old, something interesting, a box of historic letters would be cool. Sadly, in 3 years of ownership we’ve not found treasure. There are some very old license plates wedged somewhat permanently into a crevice in our basement, but that’s about it.

But! A few weeks ago my husband and I got the bright idea to pry open the door on one of our old chimneys. The chimney itself was long ago cemented off, but we had a thought that maybe we could rebuild it and put another wood stove out there. Plus, I’m insatiably curious. If there’s a door, I want to open it. If I can’t see something, I want to peek. So with pretty minimal convincing (my husband shares my desire to peek inside things) and some WD-40, we opened her up.  Continue reading